Online casino tips to get you started for the first time

When you decide to start gambling for real money at any online casino, you definitely want to make sure that it’s a place you can trust. As in any other market, there are safe and legal places that have mostly positive reviews from real users because they are fair and offer excellent services taking in consideration the user’s gaming experience, and others who simply don’t.

It takes some research to spot the right place to play, but you definitely want to do your homework right. Don’t let the high bonuses entice you. You can get yourself in the position of having to wait for months until you can withdraw your earnings or even worse, having them voided due to shady terms and conditions.

Online Casino research Tips

A couple of years ago, there were a dozen online casinos offering a couple of games each. Not many options to be honest. Now, internet has been flooded with online casinos! Players have multiple places to chose from with more than 2000 brands, each having different software, games, promotions, deposit methods, terms and conditions, accepting players from different country regions. Add to that legal and geographical restrictions and the fact that some casinos are unregulated. What to do?! where to start from?

1) First of all, I would recommend you to read our Online Casino reviews. We only recommend casinos were we played at and had a great experience. We value casinos who offer beneficial terms and conditions for players and of course their promotions. We don’t like to wait for months to cash out our earnings and we know that probably you don’t like it either.

2) Do some brand research on search engines: search for player’s feedback and complains around, specially on player’s forum. Do you see many players complaining about their money getting locked? delays on withdrawals? Red flag!!! It’s important to understand that there will be angry costumers in any online casino (as there are in any other service providers) but the important thing is to identify patterns and see what the complains are talking about. I personally wouldn’t base my decision in 1 complain but I would definitely do it if I find several players complaining cause they don’t get paid. Search for third party certifications, such as eCogra. A certified gambling website is audited by companies to evaluate their fairness.

3) After some external research, check the website and read their terms and conditions carefully. Navigate it and see how it feels. Do you like it? Can you find the information easily? Does it load fast or experience some errors? Check their support system: do they offer several contact methods? are they are available most of the time? Payment methods? Do they offer a mobile version? (maybe it doesn’t sound so relevant at the beginning, but you will definitely want to play more often in the future from your mobile device).

Online Casino Tips: signing up and depositing

After deciding which online casino is the best for you, its time to sign up and make your first deposit (or test it playing for fun).

1) Even if you are thinking about playing for fun (without depositing), provide accurate information that matches your deposit details. This is an important point, since most players deposit at least once if they have a good time at certain online casino. Providing accurate information will save you time afterwards and help you avoiding problems in the future when you decide to make your first deposit. Remember, casinos usually allow only 1 account per IP. Register with your complete name and address, as well as your personal email. Valid information is crucial.
In regards to the email address, I would recommend to not use your main email account, since online casinos usually send lots of promotions and you don’t want to get spammed. If you create a free email address, remember to save the details in a safe place.

2) Create your account with reasonable details that you can remember, but not that easy… so you can maintain certain security level in the account. One of my main online casino tips is to not click on any link that comes to this gaming email address. Check and double check that the email you received is really coming from the casino brand and not some fake who is trying to get your login details or other financial information. Caution is crucial at this point.
In regards to the deposits, its recommendable to deposit only the amounts you are willing to bet and not more, don’t count on getting that money back at certain point. If you like gambling, try to keep a budget that you wont need and will be used only for online gambling purposes. Some brands such as Mr. Green casino, offer an option to limit your deposits. I would definitely recommend to do so if you are really into online gambling. You know how it works, casinos are exciting and fun and sometimes you can win big, but they are definitely not a way to generate a steady income.

3) Last but not least, be aware of the different type of bonuses around, wagering requirements, cashable and phantom bonuses and specially free chips. If the bonus sounds too good to be true, then read the T&C carefully. Its preferable to take a lower bonus with beneficial terms and conditions than taking a higher bonus with ridiculous wagering requirements or max cash out. Remember, bonuses are not a must and should only be taken if they can really improve your chances of winning.

Deposit / Withdrawal Process

The most common deposit method is without doubt VISA credit, debit or prepaid (international) card. Most of the online casinos around will require that you complete some specific forms, signing them and send them by mail or fax. Be aware of the timing that the casino takes to process your withdrawals. If the casino takes more than 4 / 5 business days… you should start searching for an alternative to play at. Specially in regards to US friendly casinos: believe it or not, there are plenty of options that offer secure banking and decent processing times.
For withdrawals, Bank Wires are usually the most common method. Remember that your account needs to allow international transfers in order to receive money from any online casino.
Before depositing, remember to read the casino terms and conditions, restricted countries and bonuses requirements: games allowed, wagering requirements and max cash out if any.

Sounds like a lot to do but actually is not that much. You just need to verify that the casino you are about to play is safe and fair, playable at your area and recommended by other real users. With our online casino tips and reviews you will have a good base to start with and have a safe landing at your favorite gambling destination. Good Luck!!!!